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On 23/12/42 20:59, Peter Fork wrote:

Allthough all efforts towards more and better accessibility is welcome I feel that some fundamentals of linux 
need to be preserved and guarded in regards to the prolification of distrobutions with accessibility in mind.

1. Security should be tight and permission granted only when authentication can be established. Therefor 
forcing users to use a certain user acount instead of letting her choose an own acount name is wrong it not 
only takes away some security it also it takes away the control from the user. The same thing goes for the 
password part. Even if there is a way to change the password afterwords with a command line.

I agree, particularly for the installed system.
2. Activevating all accessibility aids from the start is just strange. Its not intuitive and takes away 
resources from the user. Again let the user choose what to use and how to use it! People use linux because 
Apple and Microsoft doesn't let them use there computers like they would like to do, so don't make the same 
misstake and asume what others want just because you or someone you know wants it.

I am a bit uncertain about this. As far as I understood vibuntu is making the ubuntu distro accessible by default rather than being its own distribution. If I have understood it right, then kubuntu, ubntu and all of those are against the linux values of choice as they are giving you something specific by default (KDE, gnome, etc). As the aim of vibuntu is to make accessibility default then enabling it all and allowing users to turn it off if they don't need it.
3. Letting someone log in automaticaly is not good security and even Microsoft doesn't do that anymore. Plus 
ubuntu now come with guest acounts if someone want to use your computer without your supervision. If a user 
does want this they can always change this later but it shouldn't be default.

Certainly this shouldn't be for a installed system, a LiveCD is different and plenty do on the LiveCD.
4. If the accessibility aid can't read menus icons and such as you say you'd better file a bug since that 
would be a major problem if it is so. What is the thought on this from all you others that use Orca and 
Gnome?! Is Orca unreliable?!

I'm not fully sure what you're on about in this point. If its to do with the running of programs with greater permissions then I believe ubuntu does not provide the orbitrc file for this (although it can be added) and is documented at the orca wiki. For whatever reason ubuntu don't include it (it may be to do with most users don't need it and if something isn't needed then you disable it as less improves security). If it is something else requiring a fix, then in my view so long as it gets fed back to the original orca sources then it doesn't matter where the fix is found. The only problem is when distros make there own fixes and forget to feed back to the original software developers.

Michael Whapples


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