Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu versus Open Solaris

I was thinking a service using SMF would be the way for starting BRLTTY correctly, but I gave up in a confusion of complexity. I suppose a short term fix would be to have a script to check whether BRLTTY is running and if not then start it and add this script to session start up (problem being it relies on gnome starting and I imagine that BRLTTY could be used on a text console of Solaris without needing gnome starting).

Michael Whapples

On 02/12/08 15:14, Willie Walker wrote:

How complex would be to rebuild Opensolaris so The OSS drivers and opensound could be included with Live CD if Sound blaster live will be automatically detected during booting up?

I believe this should hopefully get into the April 2009 release, but I'm not 100% sure.

What about trying to include brltty to Opensolaris, so users could use braille display if their sound cart will not be properly detected? I Am aware, that this equipped Braille display is not cheap, but I think, that it would be much more easy for programmers to include brltty to Opensolaris, than to include Opensound and OSs audio subsystem to support Sound blaster Live.

BrlTTY is included with OpenSolaris, and it does work with Orca on OpenSolaris. There are still some issues I would like to work out, though:

1) How to automatically start BrlTTY and possibly autodetect the braille device. I'm not sure how to do this at the moment (probably an smf service of some sort), and would welcome an effort from the community to do this.

2) Virtual consoles are kind of in OpenSolaris, but I think it takes some tweaking to make them happen. While virtual consoles are not needed for BrlTTY to work or for Orca to access BrlTTY, switching to a virtual console is often a nice means to debug things on the desktop.

Hope this helps!


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