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FYI -- interesting work. I have not played with it, but I thought I'd pass this on.

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From: Steve Lee <steve fullmeasure co uk>
Date: 2008/11/30
Subject: Vibuntu -customised Ubuntu Linux for blind and partially sighted users
To: OATs Project Special Interest Group <oats-sig lists becta org uk>

This landed in my inbox and sounds interesting, though I have not tried it.

In case you are wondering 'Intrepid Ibex' is the latest release of Ubuntu.

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software and Accessibility

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From: Anthony Sales <tony sales rncb ac uk>
Date: 2008/11/28
Subject: Thought you might be interested!
To: info fullmeasure co uk

I am happy to announce the release of Vibuntu 1.0 (aka Vinux) a
remaster of the Intrepid Ibex live CD customised to the needs of blind
and partially sighted users! It is designed to boot from a live cd or
USB memory stick, log you in automatically and then start up the Orca
screen-reader. Full-screen magnification can then be activated with a
simple keystroke.

The type of magnification on offer depends upon whether you downloaded
the 2D or 3D version of Vibuntu. The 2D version only offers basic
options but will run on any computer, while the 3D version offers
advanced features but requires a powerful 3D graphics card. If you are
in any doubt as to which version is best for you or do not require
magnification at all I recommend you download the safer 2D version.
Vibuntu is available from the following URL's:



Inside the zip file you will find iso image and a text file containing
the md5sum of the iso image (not the zip file).

You can use Vibuntu as a live CD, a portable operating system on a USB
memory stick* or you can install it to your hard drive either
alongside or as a replacement for Windows. In order to fit all of the
accessibility settings on the CD I have had to remove some
applications including: The GIMP graphical image manipulation program,
the F-Spot photo-manager and the Ekiga voice over IP package. You can
easily reinstall these and many more open-source applications if you
choose to install it on your hard-drive. I used the RemasterSys
package to create Vibuntu and I have included this package on the CD
incase you want to make your own customised live CD. N.B. The default
username and password is 'orca', and this will be retained even if you
install it to your hard-drive, no matter what you type in during the
installation process.

(*Using Unetbootin)

I would of course appreciate any feedback on Vibuntu. What do you
think of the name? Is it corny enough? Would Vinux be better? Post any
feedback good or bad on this thread.

Enjoy yourself,


P.S. What follows is a list of keystrokes you can use to control the
screen-reader and magnification software. I will only provide a few
basic keystrokes for Orca to get you started as they are all listed in
the preferences window and are unchanged from the default settings. I
have provided an exaustive list of the magnification keystrokes as I
have customised them to make them easier to remember!


Open Preferences Window: insert+space

Open Main Menu: alt+F1

Move Through Menu/Text: up, down, left and right

Move Through Form: tab, shift+tab

Toggle Voice On/Off: insert+s

Quit Orca: insert+q


Toggle Magnification On/Off: insert+m

Increase Magnification: insert+(plus)

Decrease Magnification: insert+(minus)


Zoom In: win+z (win+left-mouse)

Zoom Out: win+x (win+right-mouse)

Zoom x1: win+1

Zoom x2: win+2

Zoom x4: win+3

Toggle Magnifier Box: win+m

Zoom In Magnifier Box: ctrl+left-mouse

Zoom Out Magnifier Box: ctrl+right-mouse

Resize Window: win+r

Zoom To Window: win+w


Pan Right: win+right

Pan Left: win+left

Pan Up: win+up

Pan Down: win+down

Lock Zoomed Window: win+l

Centre Mouse Pointer: win+c

Toggle Highlight Mouse Pointer: win+h


Toggle Invert Colours: win+i

Toggle Invert Window Colours: shift+win+i

Toggle Filter Colours: win+f

Toggle Window Filter Colours: shift+win+f

Switch Filter Colours: win+s

Decrease Window Brightness: win+(minus)

Increase Window Brightness: win+(plus)

Decrease Window Saturation: shift+win+(plus)

Increase Window Saturation: shift+win+(minus)

Toggle Dim Inactive Windows: win+d

This list of keystrokes will automatically load into Gedit when Vibuntu boots!

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virus free.

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software and Accessibility

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