Re: [orca-list] Orca keynames

I just started to update the German translation of Orca but I've got
problems in understanding the meaning of following keynames:

Thanks for your hard work!

- multi key: I am not sure which key is meant. I found a Wikipedia
article [1] which says that the compose key is also known as a multi
key. Reading this I would assume that the multi/compose key is a special
key which is only found on Sun or DEC keyboards, but not on Âtypical PC

I think you are correct. The "Compose" key on my Sun keyboard, but not my PC keyboard. xmodmap shows it is mapped to "Multi_key" in my Sun keymap, and xmodmap on Ubuntu shows "Multi_key" doesn't exist in the default keymap on Ubuntu.

- mode switch: from my point of view there are different keys for
switching modes like Shft, Alt or Crtl. I don't know if one of these
keys is meant or if there is a separate mode switching key which I don't
know yet.

On my Sun keyboard, this is mapped to the physical key that is labelled "Alt Graph" and it is bound to Mod 3. I cannot find what it it mapped to on my Ubuntu box.

- home key: the home key is the opposite to the end key [2]. I assume
that the home key is the same key as Pos1. Is this correct or is there a
difference between the home and Pos1 key?

I believe Home == Pos1 for the German layout.

- begin key: I haven't found anything about a begin key. Is this the
same key as Pos1 or is there a difference?

This is usually bound to the keypad 5 key (try "xmodmap -pk | grep -i begin"). I have no clue what it does.

Thanks for your work!




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