Re: [orca-list] Gnome-Speach vs Speech Dispatcher

am Di 08. Apr 2008 um 13:47:53 schrieb Steve Holmes <steve holmesgrown com>:
I've been messing with Gnome-Speech and Speech Dispatcher where I can
switch between them and compare outcomes.  I'll list what I notice
below as list items.

1. I noticed in flat review mode some additional punctuation symbols
get spoken while using gnome-speech where with dispatcher, they do
not.  This is while in a gnome terminal and reading mail with mutt; I
refer specifically to the greater symbols in quoted messages.
gnome-speech speaks them.
Really only in flat review? I don't think so. This is due to a different 
concept of providing punctuation in Gnome-Speech and Speech-Dispatcher:
in Orca you have 4 options of punctuation, and it seems that Gnome-Speech 
rules what's spoken and what's ommited.
In SD the concept is different: You can choose the punct level in the 
speechd.conf, but you must adjust in the espeak.conf which punct chars are 
spoken when you've chosen "some" in the speechd.conf. So in Orca only 
"none" and "all" punct chars work like in Gnome-speech. "some" and "most" 
refer to that chars defined in the espeak.conf file.
Note: I assume you're using Espeak; if not check the specifc .conf files in 

4. I notice with gnome-speech and espeak, frequent breakup -
particularly when disk activity kicks in.  I have never noticed this
with dispatcher.

I didn't observe this (gutsy). In Hardy I had one occurence of this, but 
it is still in beta state.

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