Re: [orca-list] firefox and gmail issues

Hi there,
I for one do *not* want to have the links, form items etc on separate
rows, so if you plan to have it put into Orca, please, please, please,
please, please, oh please make it optional so that those who want to
have the pages look as they really do can have it that way. Why? you ask:
Well it's time consuming to have everything split into rows and so
forth. If i want to hear links and so on one by one i tab between them
or use the therefore designed hot keys if they're still around, and if i
want to just quickly skim a page i can easily jump over links that are
in one row.
Secondly, if ever i take up my old hobby of making web pages again, i
want to see it not in a forgiving screen reader friendly version, but
the way it looks so that i possibly can redo mistakes and so on.
That's all i'm going to say in this matter.

Jon wrote:

2 questions in one email:

I was skimming through, to see if it would be possible to 
present each item on a new line (firefox). I came across NEWLINE_ROLES  
and OBJECT_ROLES, but they are being defined, but never called again.
With wich functions would it make more sence to start playing with?

the goal is to have links, checkboxes, form items to display on seperate 

The aim is to read gmails html in a more logical fassion.
The current behaviour is quite unpredictable.
As we walk down the page, everything is fine until we hit the checkboxes 
for the mail messages, for some reason it is not reading the top one, 
but seems to jump down to somewhere in the middle of the table of 
As I press the up arrow to go up the list again, when I hit the top 
email, and if arrow up is pressed again, the focus seem to jump down 
again, rather than showing the delete and archive buttons.
gmail is currently set to show 100 messages.
Is this due to table navigation and me not using it correctly?

Thanks for all your help.

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