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Don't be afraid to install it!, that's the only way to learn more and more.

About the sound server problems:

First of all, you have to check if you have alsa installed. Installing it should solve that problem, but you will have to install it each time you boot with your live CD, remember that it installs everything in the RAM Memory.

And about the codecs problems, I use Debian so i can give you the exact solution to this, but i have some friends that use Ubuntu and they had the same problem with the mp3 files and they fixed it installing a package. Try installing w32codecs (I don't know if it exist in the Ubuntu repositories, i know that it exist in the debian-multimedia repository).

I hope this help

Good Luck

2007/9/18, ANN <tate886 anntate com>:
Hi folks,

I'm stil playing around with Ubuntu Linux and Orca from my live CD. I
haven't quite gotten the nerve to try and install Ubuntu on this machine
yet, as it is my only good working computer, and I don't want to wreck my
Windows XP installation by mistake.

Anyhow, is it possible to play MP3 files in Linux if you have just booted in
to it from a live CD, and if so, how? I found some of my MP3 files, and
pressed enter, but the application that came up gave me several error messages:

Cannot find sound server

and one about codecs needing to be installed.


PS! If anyone could give me tips, and by tips I mean preferably step by step
instructions in plain English LOL, about installing Ubuntu, and having a
dual boot system, winXP home is already installed, please let me know.

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