Re: [orca-list] orca on mac OSX

Jason Fayre wrote:
One of my students is interested in trying out Orca. Does anyone know if Orca will run on Gnome running under Mac OSX on a Macintosh?

I had a quick look into this. I installed fink on my Powerbook running Tiger.
Using FinkCommander, I then tried installing the "latest" GNOME distribution
(which is sort of a hybrid of GNOME 2.6 to GNOME 2.16). It then asked me to
install a later version of XCode that I currently had installed, and that's what
I'm doing now (a 934Mb .dmg download).

I looked at the sub-packages of the GNOME dpkg setup and Orca is nowhere to
be seen. Bonobo activation, ORBit2 and Pygtk are all there, so it's possible that Orca could be downloaded, configured, built and installed on top of this 2.16'ish GNOME environment. You definitely won't get all the latest atk, gail etc fixes
that are in GNOME 2.20 this way though.

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