Re: [orca-list] Problems with laptop layout

I want to learn to make scripts for orca again and I have got many ideas for
new programs in linux. I want to migrate to Linux and uninstall WinXP on my
home laptop. I'll talk about the task needed in linux to kill windows


Delia says hello for you. She tried to improve my english but I have no
time, jeje

Tell her "Hi" back for me.  I haven't worked on learning Spanish, so
we're even.

It sounds like the "Say All" operation is being invoked rather than the
character review operation.  When I look in the Orca sources for laptop mode
I >see that SayAll is bound to the semicolon and character review is bound
to the comma.

In spanish keyboard distirbution in "," key is ";" on shift. If you press
shift+, you get ; character.

I don't know if in Spanish american keyboard the ";" character is in the
same key of "," character.

Ah!  This is indeed a problem.  I think the key mapping in Orca will end
up treating ',' and ';' as the same key if they are on the same physical
key on the keyboard.  So, things will get confused and something will
end up taking precedence.  It looks like SayAll is taking precedence
over character review.  Ugh.  This might be a bug, but I'm not sure how
to fix it.  :-(

For a workaround, you should be able to override the key bindings using
the "Key Bindings" tab in the Orca preferences GUI.

Hope this helps,


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