[orca-list] Adding pronunciations (was Re: orca)

Hi Mike:

The "pronunciation" tab of the Orca preferences dialog contains a table
where the left column holds the word to be replaced and the right column
holds the string to substitute for that word.  

You can type Alt+N to enter a new entry -- you will first be taken to
the left column, where you type the word you want to define a
pronunciation for.  Press Return when you're done typing the word.

Then, press Ctrl+Right_Arrow to navigate to the right hand column.
Press Return to start editing the pronunciation and type the
pronunciation in.  The pronunciation just consists of ordinary words to
substitute for the word in the left column.  When you're done typing the
pronunciation, press Return.  

Tab to the OK button and press Space to dismiss the preferences dialog.

Hope this helps,


On Mon, 2007-08-27 at 13:42 -0500, mike coulombe wrote:
Hi, I see there is a way to get orca to say words differently than they are spelled. How does this work. I 
found add entry, but only find one place to type in a word. Where do you type the way you want the word 

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