[orca-list] ORCA FAQ problems.

Hi All.

I'm slowly getting the hang of Orca and Gnome in general and hope that once I understand it more I can help with the project some how.

I've spotted a couple of errors on the Orca FAQ that managed to confuse us today.

I'm not sure if anyone can checks these out.
1. On the FAQ page under the how to do system administration tasks there is a list of instructions to enable the root account. It talks about editing the gdm.conf-custom file. It says to put in a line in the security area to allow root, For some reason there seems to be two `` marks between the words allow and root, The line should read, "allowroot=true"

2. getting Orca to work with other ALSA applications.
When editing the file stated found at /usr/lib/bonobo..... it tells you to replace the location line with a new location line, This is all fine but some of the '_' characters should be '-' characters. (They were on my system I'm assuming this is the same for everyone else.

I'm working my way through the FAQ, Is this when write forum to make improvement suggestions or is there some else I can do so?

Hope this helps.

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