[orca-list] Installing Ubuntu into a virtual machine on windows

I want to play with Ubuntu, but do not have a spare machine here at home which I
can devote exclusively to Ubuntu. Therefore, I want to use vmware's
vmWorkstation to run Ubuntu.  The problem is getting the accessibility stuff
loaded. WIth a physical machine, one can hear the CDRom drive stop and thus know
when to press f5 etc to get the accessible stuff turned on and orca to come up.
However, I have no idea how to do this in a VM. I have been able to load the
live CD into the VM and hear the Ubuntu login sound, so I assume the desktop has
come up. However, pressing alt+f2 followed by "orca" followed by the return key
doesn't start orca, so I assume there is no accessibility support turned on.

Any advice on how to proceed here? Is there an ISO image I can download that has
accessibility support turned on by default which I can just load up in VMWare
which will start speaking as soon as the desktop comes up? Is there another
trick I can use to get accessibility turned on using the live CD ISO I already

Thanx much in advance...
-- Rich

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