Re: [orca-list] ttsynth-say?

Hi, Chris:

Neither ttsynth_say nor our Speakup-Connector are installed by the
ttsynthcore dep or rpm packages. You need to compile these yourself at
this time. The source code for each, and the instructions for compiling
these applications are on our TTSynth Home Page. A direct URL to the
document with instructions is:


Christopher Gray writes:
Hello to all:

I purchased and installed TTSynth, .deb version.  In the readme file, a command 
line speech generator is mentioned, ttsynth-say.  However, this does not seem to 
be a part of the .deb package, at least there is no such command now on my 

Could somebody tell me either how to get ttsynth-say or how to test whether or 
not this speech is working?  I'd like to verify this before beginning to try and 
get speech to work with Orca.

Thank you.


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