Re: [orca-list] Speech dispatcher in Russian language through espeak.

Hi Sergei:

I'm not qualified to help you with Speech Dispatcher configuration problems, but I'm curious if the "Quick note on Speech on Ubuntu Gutsy" section of can help you with your eSpeak and gnome-speech woes.


Sergei V. Fleytin wrote:
Hello, list. Probably this question should be asked on a
speech-dispatcher's mailing list, but I am not subscribed to it yet. I
am very much frustrated with the current state of gnome-speech and
espeak combination used by orca. Speech-dispatcher seems to solve many
issues, however, I can not get it to speak Russian. In the latest
version I even noticed the appropriate lines for making this to work
in sd's configuration, but after uncommenting them nothing changed. SD
just ignores any Russian texts. Perhaps it can not deal with 8 bit
characters at all. If I am wrong, please, correct me and tell me what
can I do to make SD speak Russian through espeak.

Thanks in advance.
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