Re: [orca-list] Cannot use my Braille display with Orca... screen not in text mode.

Dorado Martínez, Francisco Javier ha scritto:
Fabrizio, that is OK, you have started BRLTTY and now you can enable braille support in Orca preferences dialog in the braille tab .


I think BRLTTY is started at boot time automatically,

Unfortunately it's not. How can I do this?

but perhaps you will need to edit /etc/brltty.conf and set your braille display preferences, your braille driver al, and your braille device /dev/ttyS0

Done! Now, every time I start (still manually) brltty, i don't have to specify those parameters. Things are getting better... :-)

Save the file, and run sudo /etc/init.d/brltty restart

Sorry for my ignorance... what does this command do?

Thank so much for your answers.


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