Re: [orca-list] espeak with speech-dispatcher backend

On Fr, Nov 16, 2007 at 06:43:37 -0600, Garret Klein wrote:
Hello all,

After getting alsa and gnome-speech to coexist (actually it wwas
gnome-speech and sd), I made a very interesting discovery, which I seem
to remember from awhile back. This is to say, espeak does not pronounce
upper case letters in a higher pitch than lowercase ones when using the
speech-dispatcher backend, but it does do this with the gnome-speech

It works for me under debian.
Perhaps you are using an old version of speechd?
apt-cache policy speech-dispatcher says:
 *** 0.6.4~beta1+cvs20070807-0ubuntu5 0
This can be the problem.

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