Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu and Speakup

Ubuntu feisty does, but I think there is a plan to remove speakup from
gutsy, may be you will want to also make your thoghts be known on this.

You can use speakup and speech-dispatcher, you will need speechd-up (apt
can provide it), and make sure SD is running. Then all you need to do is
modprobe the speakup softsyn module with the following command
sudo modprobe speakup_sftsyn

You may want to modify the speechd-up udev rule if you want the speakup
char map (the best way to get punctuation levels in english with the
espeak module). Let me know if you want details on what to do for this.

Michael Whapples
On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 10:54 +0200, Hermann wrote:
does Ubuntu have Speakup's kernel patch implemented?
If so, how can I activate it, so that I can use Speakup's speech support 
in the text mode?
Does it support Speech-Dispatcher and Espeak?

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