Re: [orca-list] Espeak, FC6, Firefox and my first comfortable email using orca!

Hi Darragh,

I have one more request though.  I would like speech feedback when doing
the following.
Selecting text while reading in the preview pane in EVolution. At the
moment, Orca does not say anything when I use control shift and left /
right or shift left / right on its own.

As Krister pointed out, this is already a known bug in Evolution.

We are tracking it with Orca bug #353458

I suggest adding comments to bug #347347
to let the Evolution developers know just how
much the fix is needed.

I would also really like it if Orca would call out the word that I am
deleting when I press control and backspace.

Yes, we like this idea too. I've open Orca bug #422475


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