Re: [orca-list] Espeak, FC6, Firefox and my first comfortable email using orca!

Hello Darragh,
Some of your wishes are being worked on. The selecting of text in Evo,
is already filed as a bug on, unfortunately though
i'm not good at remembering long links so i can't give you a direct
link, but it's there. I agree with the other wish as well, i haven't
deleted by word ever, didn't know that was possible...

Darragh wrote:
Hello all!
Well, I say this is my first comfortable email with Orca because ESpeak
has made it really easy to use!  It's really surprising how much
difference a reduction in the lag in a synthesizer can make when using a
computer.  Festival is well and truely no longer my friend any more! 
ok.  I just wanted to update the list as a few days I sent out a wish
I've since installed the latest version of firefox.  I am using orca
from Monday but I'll get around to updating that in a few minutes when
I've read through the change log and determined if It's worth updating.
I've already noticed though that control home and end now do as I had
requested on Sunday night.

I have one more request though.  I would like speech feedback when doing
the following.
Selecting text while reading in the preview pane in EVolution. At the
moment, Orca does not say anything when I use control shift and left /
right or shift left / right on its own.
I would also really like it if Orca would call out the word that I am
deleting when I press control and backspace.  It reads out what I'm
deleting letter by letter but if I'm really messy I like deleting by
word and I'm kind of use to the screen reader telling me what I'm

OK. that's all for now.  

I know I said it on Sunday, but I'm continually impressed with Orca.
Well done again!

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