Re: [orca-list] Orca Problems with Access-Bridge

Hi Dave,

                                                I installed the package
                                                gnome-common (after
                                                reading the page on the
                                                orca build environment),
                                                and this cleaned up all
                                                of the warnings
                                                regarding casting vs.
                                                aliasing, as well as two
                                                of the Java compilation
                                                errors. However, two
                                                compilation errors still
                                                remain when I try to
                                                build Access-Bridge
                                                1.5.0 (1.4.5 is in much
                                                worse shape). The two
                                                remaining errors are
attached. Can anyone think of any
                                                other packages to
                                                install that might
                                                improve the build
                                                environment for gnome
                                                and Access-Bridge?

I filed Orca bug #420324.
against this. The Orca team is busy with the CSUN
conference this week, so I just wanted to make sure
it wasn't lost. It's not really an Orca bug per se, but
I'm darned if I know where it should be filed. There
doesn't seem to be a java-access-bridge GNOME
Bugzilla category.

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