Re: [orca-list] Orca checking out latest orca

I had a couple of problems when I tried the above command. One is simply 
that the s in svn has to be lower case. 
Sorry about that, I don't know why I typed it that way.  

But the other problem I couldn't 
figure out. When I ran the command, it added a few files then it bombed out 
saying it couldn't add because it already exists. I tried 
deleting that file but then it just bombed out on the next file. You don't 
give it a clean directory tree, do you? I tried that too and the svn command 
finished okay then there was no configure script in the orca directory.
You won't want to specify an output directory which already exists and
contains files.  To start the configure do: ./ --prefix=/usr
from the orca directory you just checked out.  This will create the
required make files.  You can find out more about building and
installing for your particular distro at:  
hope this helps

PS: Mike, sorry I sent my original response to you instead of to the list. 
That was a mistake. 

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