Re: [orca-list] Why? Was: Why ?

Because I use filtering I personally do not need the prefix.  That said,
I agree that the original prefix of just "Orca" was potentially
confusing.  In addition to "Orca Orca ate my homework,"  you'd
occasionally see subjects where Orca became an adjective (e.g. "problem
eating homework" turned into "Orca problem eating homework").  

Putting "orca" in square brackets solves this problem for most folks:
Sighted users, braille users, and speech users who prefer to hear most
or all punctuation.  However at the level of some punctuation, there is
no difference between "orca" and "[orca]". 

So.... I don't have an opinion on whether or not we have a prefix.  But
if we are going to have a prefix, my vote is for "[orca-list]".

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