Re: Orca Severe problem with ussing Firevox

Hi Hermann:
Hi Will,
the command works.

Bummer.   I'm stumped at this point, but maybe Rich has some ideas.

One question in addition:
When I compile Orca from 2.18 and then type:
orca -v
I get
Orca 2.17.92
Should it be Orca 2.18

When you grab code from svn trunk, the "-v" information is currently misleading. The most informative thing you can get when working from svn is the output of "svnversion" when you are sitting in the directory you pulled from svn. I haven't yet been able to find a portable way to get the output of svnversion into Python code. If anyone has any code, it would be nice to have a portable and automated way to get the svnversion value into Orca's and have it always be up-to-date even if you don't do a ./ or ./configure.


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