Re: Orca confused on orca accessibility with forms and text in web pages.

On 12/03/07, Cody Hurst <cdog2005 gmail com> wrote:

  Orca will work with ff 3 but it is limited and work is still being
done. There is no virtual buffer that I can think of.

So what is still remaining to be done with orca and firefox?
I have been hearing a lot about people using orca with ff and pointing
out problems etc.  but I want some over all feedback on what is
possible with orca/ff and what is not.  I will basically like to know
if I can use my yahoo and gmail accounts with ff and if I can read on
line documentation from web sites like tldp etc.
what is the current state of forms?  I heard that radio buttons don't
work properly with orca, is that true?

Linux almost
always comes with Open Office, the office sweet comparable to M$
office. In fact I think it is better but that's just me.
Better as in Better accessibility?  I am also very keen on working
with open office but my last experience with ubuntu 6.10/orca/open
office is not so good.  I think I will need latest version of the
same.  Anouncing font attributes, reading documents with pauses at the
end of centences not lines are a few things.
Although a
current alternative to firefox is elinks, which is a text terminal
based browser which works very well with orca in flat review.
same questions again.  will forms work well with elinks, I have no
issues with command line I am pritty comfortable provided all the
features are more accessible.  rather I know command line browsers
wont show me images but that's ok.  I want to know about facilities
like email and general web surffing.  if elinks can satisfy those
needs then there is no problem at all.
If you
like or didn't know already, you may download the desktop version of
edgy so you can try out ubuntu before installing it.. To install it
it's a bit tricky but not very so read the orca wiki for help there.
I already have the edgy cd but not sure whether I should go for it.
But BTW, I tried firefox 3 a3, and it kept crashing so I have no idea
how orca works but as much as I did get out of it, I liked it. orca
announced when the page was loading and when it was complete. You also
could wait until April 19th, when feisty fawn is released actually it
is very nice it's got added desktop effects and all.

even I am waiting for the same.

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