Orca FW: Access to system administration apps (Re: has it ben fixed)


When this fix was originally put forward by  Al Puzzuoli, it was mentioned
that there may be some security considerations.

Has this been sorted now?


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Hi Krister.

I'm a proud Feisty user, but it still doesn't work, sob...

Drat!  For whatever it's worth, I just tried the .orbitrc thing on my
Feisty desktop and it didn't work.  However, it works on my laptop.  My
laptop is a clean/normal install of Feisty.  My desktop has had various
and sundry patches to at-spi and other packages applied to it over the
past couple of months.  So I don't know if the reason it works on my
laptop is because I haven't messed anything up there, or if something
else is going on.... Sorry!

I am fairly certain that Mike Pedersen and Al Puzzuoli have also gotten
this working.  So, guys, ideas?  Is there something I'm missing??

Or rather, what should i be expecting?

You should expect synaptic and the other tools to be accessible -- as if
you weren't logged in as root.  You should expect it to just work.

Take care.
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