Re: Orca Access to system administration apps (Re: has it ben fixed)

Are you using Feisty or Edgy? As Kenny pointed out, this works in Feisty. My apologies for any confusion, and thanks Kenny for the clarification!

Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hi Joanie,
I did the .orbitrc thing yesterday and ... it didn't work. I didn't get
any speech out of Synaptic when i tried running it as user but perhaps i
did something wrong somewhere although i thought i did everything right.
I could've spelled .orbitrc wrong or such. Maybe it should all be in
uppercase... or that the file should contain something else that i
wasn't aware of besides those two lines, but if so those things should
be posted here... Well anyways for me it didn't work yesterday evening
swedish time.

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hi Mike.

Thanks, I just noticed that.
Yup, things change daily with pre-release software. One simply has to sit tight -- or perhaps hold on tight. I find a good sense of humor combined with frequent backups helps as well. <grin>

Now if they would just get these things to work with orca.
I believe these things generally *do* work with Orca -- once you do the .orbitrc thing. Did you see the instructions I posted yesterday? Here they are again just in case:

1. Launch gnome-terminal
2. Type sudo su and press Return
3. Type in your password and press Return
4. Type cd /root
5. Type nano .orbitrc press Return
6. Add these lines:
7. Press Control O to write out the changes, followed by Return when prompted for the file name
8. Press Control X to exit nano
9. Reboot

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