Re: Orca Access to system administration apps (Re: has it ben fixed)

Hi Mike.

Thanks, I just noticed that.

Yup, things change daily with pre-release software. One simply has to sit tight -- or perhaps hold on tight. I find a good sense of humor combined with frequent backups helps as well. <grin>

Now if they would just get these things to work with orca.

I believe these things generally *do* work with Orca -- once you do the .orbitrc thing. Did you see the instructions I posted yesterday? Here they are again just in case:

1. Launch gnome-terminal
2. Type sudo su and press Return
3. Type in your password and press Return
4. Type cd /root
5. Type nano .orbitrc press Return
6. Add these lines:
7. Press Control O to write out the changes, followed by Return when prompted for the file name
8. Press Control X to exit nano
9. Reboot


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