Re: Orca Using orca with espeak

Hello Jochen,
you must use Espeak either with Speech-Dispatcher or with the Gnome
speech driver; Espeak as a stand allone version doesn't work with Orca,
neither Edgy nore Feisty.
For Espeak and Speech-dispatcher look here:
For the use with Gnome speech driver you must install the latest version
- 0.4.10 - from the Gnome source page.
To prepare Espeak to be used within the system, do the following:
Change to your Espeak directory and type:
sudo cp -rp espeak-data /usr/share
cd shared_library
sudo cp *.h /usr/include/espeak
Note: If the directory doesn't exist, create it.
sudo cp libespeak* /usr/lib
sudo ldconfig
cd /usr/lib
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s
I assume you use the latest Espeak; if not adjust the above commands
To adjust the Speech-Dispatcher config files, visit:
select the archive for November 06 and read my two mails from the 24th
of Nov.
Note for other list members: These mails are written in German.
Hope this helps.

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