Re: Orca and Silpheed-claws gtk2

Hi Krister:

I took a quick look at this. It seems as though the object model looks like it can be seen via the AT-SPI, but the event model is a bit different from what I've seen. For example, it looks like the message list is a table that says it manages its descendants, but it doesn't issue active descendant changed events when you move among the messages. Instead, it seems to emit selection changed events, and I cannot seem to get it to do so reliably.

I think our efforts are best focused on Evolution and/or Thunderbird, but you're welcome to work on a script for Claws. We'll happily incorporate it into the code base if you get something working. :-)


Krister Ekstrom wrote:
Hi everyone.
Since i'm a somewhat fanatic when it comes to freedom of choise, i
decided to test Orca with Sylpheed-claws gtk2.
The results was that every tool bar button, menu and dialog seemed to be
accessible but Orca couldn't read folder lists or message lists and i'm
not sure if it can read messages.
Has anyone else checked out this email program which btw is available as
an ubuntu package?
I don't know if i should file a bug against Orca at this time, that's
why i want someone more techy to look it over in case i've missed
something and they could maybe leave a more programming oriented
description in case it came to filing a bug.
Thanks for any answers.
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