Orca submitting forms causes firefox 3 to seg fault


If this is already a known issue, I apologize for this mail.

I have 2 sites that will consistantly crash Firefox 3.0.  I am runnin
the latest Feisty and the latest nightly build of Firefox 3.0.

home.hiwaay.net and www.pin.ed.gov will both cause a crash when trying
to submit a form.

Home.hiwaay.net doesn't use javascript for the form while www.pin.ed.gov
does use javascript for it's form.  You will need to be a customer of
home.hiwaay.net to get to the form, but anyone should be able to test
www.pin.ed.gov.  Just select the link to create a pin and fill out the
information.  When you press enter on the next button, Firefox will
crash every time.
If you need more info, just ask.


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