Re: Orca Another gaim problem

Does Linux have something similar to tool tips in Windblows? Do they pop
up while hovering the mouse over them? If so you could make an auto
labeling feature for labeling icons that had tool tips by having some
sort of logic find the tool tip and labeling the icon with that tip. All
major screen readers in Windows have this feature but is it at all
doable in Linux?

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hi Lorenzo.

I have notice that most system bar icons other than the clock don't seem
to have labels.  Is there currently no way for a running program to
label its icon with a text label or should we file bugs against gaim and
other programs that don't include text labels with their system icons?

To be honest, I don't know so I've CCed the Orca list.  Could we add a
feature within Orca so that users could label these items?  Is this a
problem specific to the application?  Is it a problem specific to the
notification area?


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