Re: [orca-list] Ibmtts and Orca.

Luke Yelavich writes:
I have also found that if one arros through several lines of text, or 
moves through menus quickly, speech is not interrupted as you go. I.e, 
speech overlaps, due to ALSA being used, and previous speech not being 

I have seen this on Fedora as well, but I haven't been able to pin down
what triggers the problem, meaning that this is a problem on some
machines, and not on others. I'm hoping the greater exposure, now that
TTSynth is released, will help point to the resolution of this issue.


I have almost got things ready to offer prebuilt packages of 
speech-dispatcher, orca, and gnome-speech for feisty. All of these will 
have support for ttsynth included, So if you don't want to go through 
the hastle of building yourself, there isa solution around the corner.
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