Re: [orca-list] Diference between Debian and Ubuntu talking about gnome-orca


As you already know, Debian and Ubuntu have different release cycles.  Ubuntu releases
every 6 months, while Debian releases when it's ready.  This causes
the Gnome in Debian to lag behind the Gnome in Ubuntu at times.

I recently switched back to Debian Sid from Ubuntu Feisty.  Both Feisty and Sid have Gnome 2.18.
This includes Orca 2.18.  Sid has a few packages I wanted that aren't in Ubuntu:
gnome-speech-swift, nautilus-open-terminal, and tesseract.  Tesseract isn't a
Gnome program, but I'm interested in it for OCR.

I've already updated to Orca 2.19.5 and brltty 3.8.1 by pulling packages from experimental.  Orca 2.19.5 is 
in Ubuntu Gutsy.
I don't believe there is a Ubuntu package for brltty yet.

Hope this helps.

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