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If you want to use wireless on the go, then dont use ubuntu and Orca, 
unless you have some vision, and can get to the nm-applet on the control
pannel. The control pannel is currently unaccessable, and Orca can not 
do anything about this, we keep and need to keep bugging the people that 
are incharge of gnome-control pannel.

best thing to do is to dual boot with xp until this issue gets resolved.

If you wish you can also comment on the bug tracker, to remind them that 
blind people do not currently have a easy way of wireless connection, 
without the gnome-control-pannel.
Espesially if you need to connect to WPA enabled wireless networks.

For getting Orca to talk during administration applications, visit:
and simply typing nm-app in the command line brings up an additional 
icon on the control pannel, which again we cant access.
I wish that they had a -open or -foreground or something, to bring the 
application to life, rather than making more icons.
The documentation index contains links to all wikipages.

There is a lot of knowledge on the list, but unfortunaely this has not 
made it onto the wikipages as of yet.


On Tue 17/07/2007 at 13:14:19, Chris Gilland wrote:
OK, guys, I use my laptop for business, and so, this is kind of an ergent 
thing that I need to get fixed.  The one person who's name I won't mention 
who may could help me with this has told me he'd help for $15 an hour.  Well 
exucse me, $15 an hour to me anyway, just seems a bit expensive for an open 
source OS.  Any way, enough venting, let me get to my question.  OK, I am 
running at this point on my laptop Feisty 7.04.  I am also running Orca, 
quite obviously.  OK, well, if I plug an ethernet cable in to my laptop, I 
can get online perfectly, but, I have looked in the top and the bottom 
pannels and do not see Network Manager there at all.  I went into 
applications/add remove, and network manager deffinently is checked.  So, it 
is apparently installed.  I however can't find it in my pannel anywhere.  I 
have looked and looked.  It just simply put, isn't there.  I went online and 
tried desperetly using my windows box to find an installer for network 
manager but had no luck I even checked the apt repositories.  I even went 
into /etc/apt/sources.list and added the multiverse repository.  I also with 
a hard wired internet connection via eithernet cable went to a terminal and 

sudo apt-get update

This is incredibly weird.  I even tried downloading and installing the 
debian package using gdebi of gtkwifi

Yeah, right.  that worked very well will Orca.  Not?  I'm just totally 
confused.  I've waisted almost half a day just trying to figure this dad 
blamed thing about wireless out.  I'd not think it should take that long to 
configure a wireless connection.  Then, of corse, if I go to 
system/administration/networks, then Orca absol;utely refuses to speak. 
Again, this guy I mentioned above said there is a work around but he wants 
to be paid to help me fix it.  I frankly thought that was kind a silly 
myself.  I know he runs a business, but, this is Ubuntu we're talking here. 
Doesn't our mission state that we are to help each other, not for money, not 
for fame, not for anything jsut help.  I'm not asking you all to hold my 
hand while we cross the street, sota speak, but can someone please just 
direct me on what things to do or check or where online to read up?  I've 
looked on the Orca wiki forums, and have even looked on the Ubuntu forums 
with no luck.  I just know if I cannot get this thing up on wifi then most 
likely I'm not do to frustration, but more due to me being required to have 
an inte3rnet connection with my notebook, I may have to go back to Win XP 
Home, which I r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'really! don't wanna do!

Please please can someone help.  If you think it would be easier just to 
call me and walk me through it... then, it's...


Please someone help.  I'm totally outta suggestions to myself.


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