Re: Orca hangs when playing internet radio with Rhythmbox

Hi Hermann:

I wonder if this is some sort of audio device contention.


On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 22:38 +0100, Hermann wrote:
Hi again,
there's always something new:
This evening i tested the Rhythmbox music player. Playing files in the 
library and podcasts is no problem at all. But one cannot use internet 
radio together with Orca.
When I click on a station, Orca hangs and the radio won't play. When I type 
in a text terminal:
killall orca
and then switch back to the graphical display the radio immediateley 
starts. I can bring back Orca and stop the station, and I see the interface 
of Rhythmbox again.
When I kill Rhythmbox instead of Orca, the screen reader is back again.
Did anyone test Rhythmbox with Orca and internet radio? Is there any 
alternative program for listening internet radio?
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