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We haven't done specific work with Chinese braille. For GNOME 2.22, however, we are shooting to integrate liblouis.

Coscell, are you doing any work with liblouis? In addition, do you have any insight on how we can better support Chinese braille? For example, is liblouis something that can help? Is there something else that's already available that works?


éçæ wrote:
Does it support Chinese braille now?

On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, Willie Walker wrote:

FYI...Orca v2.21.4 is now out!

I just need to repeat how amazed I am at how much work we got done this
release.  The last release was only 2 weeks ago, yet we accomplished a lot in
the areas of performance, bugs, magnification, and Firefox.  It's difficult
for me to choose any one of these as being the highlight of this release:

o The performance work done by Eitan Isaacson has helped bring Orca's
  speed back to the pre-pyatspi days, and I think we've even exceeded
  the performance in spots.  If you have specific hot spots, please
  let us know and be very specific about where they occur.  We can't
  magically solve applications that are generally slow (e.g., using
  Nautilus to open a folder that has 1000+ entries), but I'm sure
  there is still room to make Orca faster.

o The ARIA work done by Scott Haeger is helping to make emerging web
  technology accessible *before* it gets too popular.  This proactive
  work is awesome.

o The magnification enhancements done by Joanmarie Diggs and Rich
  Burridge have really helped make Orca's control of the magnifier a
  much richer experience for users.  There are some really good
  practical enhancements made to magnification this release -- many
  of them spurred on by members of this list.  Thanks so much for
  your feedback.  Keep it coming.

o We also continued to work on quality and bugs.  We're not going to
  lose focus on that for GNOME 2.22 -- we're going to keep pounding
  away at these things one at a time.

In any case, give Orca v2.21.4 a shot if you can and please send feedback.
Your voices were heard loud and clear on this release and I thank you for
speaking up.


Willie Walker
Orca Project Lead

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