Re: [orca-list] problem with brltty and Open Solaris

Hello Peter,
does brltty really use that different syntax to invoke it in Ubuntu and 
Open Solaris?
If the display connected via USB isn't hardware detected, like it is in 
Ubuntu, try the following command:
brltty -b vo -d usb:
1. Pleas do this in a text console and not in the Gnome terminal.
2. Do it _always_ as root or use the prefix sudo:
sudo brltty -b vo -d usb:
You have to type your user password.
3. Please _don't_ use "-x no", because you read "no screen", and this 
causes teh display not to show the screen. Why did you do that?
4. If you wish to have a Dutch braille table, use the following startup 
brltty -b vo -d usb: -t nl
(I hope there is one, otherwise use the above commands, you'll get US 
braille table).
5. I couldn't figure out switches like -p and -n, and don't know what you 
mean with keyfile?
Final note: I may be absolutely wrong, because I don't know Open Solaris 
at all; so a more enlightened person may correct my writing: But I 
suggest you to try that out.

I use grml (

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