[orca-list] SD crash problem maybe is solved

perhaps I succeeded in solving the SD crash:
Everyday the process Updatedb is invoked by Anacron; this makes my 
harddrive start spinning. In the same moment SD crashes, because it gets 
restarted, don't ask me why.
I figured this out, because there was a mail by Anacron to the root 
mailbox saying that /var/run/speech-dispatcher couldn't be created, 
because it exists.
Remember: Due to the fact that I've installed SD 0.6.4 from the Debian 
pool, the startup script couldn't create that folder so that I've to put in 
two lines crating the dirctory and chown it to speech-dispatcher:audio. 
This workaround pointed me to the right dirction.
So I deactivated "Update user folders" under System/preferences/session.
Since this process starts only once a day, I've to wait until tomorrow, 
but I hope I've solved the problem.

I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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