Re: [orca-list] errors with speech-dispatcher

No I only have the Espeak synthesiser.
The reason is that I am still newby as regards things like compiling
apps in Linux so I just work with things by default as I still find it
daunting if something goes wrong which is why I haven't built Festival
or another synth even if Festival or TTsynth etc are better for speech
quality which is also why my version of Orca is also behind. As I also
have my own place it is even more daunting when something goes wrong
and I have only just recently improved my specs on my PCs to give me
enough RAM to be able to do an eyes free installation with Ubuntu.
On 05/12/2007, Hermann <meinelisten onlinehome de> wrote:
Gutsy doesn't install Fetival, Espeak is the only synth that's been
Maybe Michael has installed it later.

I use grml (

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