Re: [orca-list] Audio guide to installing the firefox web browser and the Orca screen reader.

Hi Darragh:

Neat stuff and thanks for your efforts.  This stuff is just as important
as software development and will go a long way to helping people.

I also go through dding the new installation of firefox to the
internet applications menu.  I think this is something that should be
covered on the Orca website.  

The Orca page on Firefox page is here:

Would you mind if we created a link to your audio file from the Orca
page on Firefox?

If there are any other topics that you would like to see covered
please let me know as after Saturday I should have the resources to do
a bit more.  

We keep a set of pages on the Orca WIKI that are meant to hold
information on how to use various applications:

I think some of the top priorities are getting people to the point where
they can reach out to the Orca community for more help.  So, Firefox for
web access to and, GAIM for #orca messaging on, Evolution and/or Thunderbird for e-mail communication
with orca-list gnome org   Once that communication support structure is
in place, we can then tackle other applications.

You will become a hero and an institution.

Thanks for your work!


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