Re: [orca-list] Audio review of accessibility in Linux.

Hello Will,

Yes, I like that idea and a similar suggestion was given by a few people who
gave comments off list over the last few days.  

I think a tutorial type recording covering the use of a few applications
would be very useful.

I'll be in a better position to start work on this in September as I am only
using SuSE at the moment and it's far from my distribution of choice as I'm
constantly fighting with dependencies. 


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Thanks for posting this!  I listened to it half-on-half-off while
working my way through e-mail.  As such, I wasn't listen critically for
accuracy and such, but I got the general idea of what you were doing.  I
think you have a pleasant presentation style.

I also think this kind of thing could be very useful, and I could
imagine a periodic audio tutorial from you on how to use specific
applications (e.g., those listed in  We could keep links to the
audio tutorials from the AccessibleApps page, and also work to keep the
textual information on each page in sync. I imagine it would help a
large number of people.


On Sat, 2007-08-18 at 01:22 +0100, Darragh wrote:
Hello all, 

It's wet and horrible here tonight so I'm really noth bothered about
going out so instead, I've done an audio review of Orca running on Gnome
with the TTSynth synthesizer, Evolution, Firefox and open office.  

This aims to illustrate that a lot of the tasks now done in Windows by
jaws and windows users can now be done in Linux with the same type of

I've tried to keep it as generic as possible by limiting the amount of
technical information provided so I'm hoping I've given enough to get
people interested. 

The file is about 35 megs and is available from:

Please send your feedback. 


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