Re: [orca-list] Boy did I pull a stupid is, as stupid duzz!

Hi Chris:

Bummer!  Let's first try a couple things -- the first will be to see if
Orca is working OK for you.  If you run orca with the "--version"
option, do you get the Orca version that you expect?  In addition, does
Orca work OK with various GTK+ applications, such as gnome-terminal,
gedit, gcalctool?  If so, then Orca is probably OK.

The next will be to get a new version of firefox.  In a terminal window,
grab the latest Firefox (as of this morning, EDT) using wget:


Then extract/run it after making sure you've quit/killed any other
version of Firefox that might be running:

bunzip2 -c firefox-3.0a8pre.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

This should get you the latest stuff.  It's been a little unstable
lately, but the Mozilla team has been working hard and things are
getting better each day.

Hope this helps,


On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 14:24 -0400, Chris Gilland wrote:
ok, I feel really damn smart right about now...  Not?  I was trying to 
rebuild Orca to the latest, most recent build, and in the process a doing 
so, I also wanted to update firefox so that I quite obviously would have 
access to browse the web.  O I got Firefox installed all right, but for one, 
Orca won't read when I down arrow through a page, leading me to think I 
updated Orca wrong, and secondly and more fun...  I think I installed the 
sweedish, or polish or something version of Firefox as it's all in another 
language that I don't know.  Dang it, it even makes things like google be 
translated into the other language like the I'm feeling lucky button is now 
labeled in the other language.  Boy what've I done, what've I done.  Anyway, 
please can someone help me out.  My tecdh guy that I normally would call 
would help, but right now I can't afford paid support, sorry.  Just goes to 
show what happens when you don't know Linux worth a lick but try to go way 
over your head anyway to doing thingsd more advanced than your comfort zone. 


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