Re: [orca-list] howto use the pronunciation dictionary?

Will kindly pointed out that what you are asking isn't quite
what I answered. So let me try again.
You write:
"I tried to write GHz in the texteditor but orca reads 
it GHZ and not Giga Herz."

I just did the following test.

My Orca pronunciation dictionary has the line:

"GHz"   "giga hertz"

In gedit, I had:

Line 1. Testing GHz
Line 2. Testing GHZ.

For line 1, Orca spoke "giga hertz" instead of "GHz"
For line 2, Orca spoke G H Z.

Rich Burridge wrote:
Halim Sahin wrote:
how does the dictionary work?
I can't notice any effect if I insert some strings.
GHz has the replacement string Giga Hertz.
I tried to write GHz in the texteditor but orca reads it GHZ and not 
Giga Herz.
Do I need no setup something in orca to get this work?

On the "Pronunciation" pane in the Orca Preferences,
there is a list with rows that contain two columns. The
first column contains the actual string (i.e. the string
you would find in a text document and which don't
get spoken well), and the second column contains the
replacement string (i.e. the new still that will get
spoken when the first string is encountered).

Hopefully an example will help.

If you add "ROTFL" to a new list row in the first
column, then "rolling on the floor laughing" in
the second column, and save away your preferences,
then when Orca detects a line in a text document
such as:

"The queen was ROTFL when she chopped off his head"

it should hopefully replace "ROTFL" appropriately.

Like most other Orca preferences, you can set
pronunciations specific to an individual application as

Hope that helps.

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