Re: [orca-list] software x is inaccessible

As already mentioned, only apps using gtk2 are accessible currently.

Regarding making skype accessible, there are other VOIP software available for Linux which are accessible, but occasionally you find you have freinds who use windows and just use skype, so yes you may still have a need for skype. There is very little that can be done by the end user for skype, it will require the skype developers to make a gtk front-end, but that probably isn't high on their list of things to do. So what other options? I remember reading at the skype website, there is a API to skype, it requires skype to be running, but may be it might be possible to make a accessible client for skype using the API and connecting through the standard client (I don't know how far the API extends in functions to operate all features). Sounds a bit clumbsy, it is, but there aren't really many other options if you must use skype.

If you or anyone else makes such a client for skype, it would be good if it was open source.

Michael Whapples

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