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You use the space bar to activate a combo box.  Select the option you want with up and down arrow and press 
the space bar again to close the combo box.  If you want to cancel an active combo box, press escape.

Hope this helps.
On Sun, Apr 08, 2007 at 09:37:32PM +0300, Mohammed Al-shar' wrote:
hi listers.

I have made some progress today, finally I downloaded the daily build of feisty ubuntu, and successfully 
matched the checksom value. I also was able to burn the image to a normal cd since the ubuntu people have 
fixed the size of the image so that it can now fit on a cd.

I booted to the ubuntu system ok and have played with orca fine too. I started the installation and when I 
reached the step where I have to select partition I elected edit the partitions since none of the other 2 
options would do what I want them to do. I already prepared a linux partition and a swap partition and I 
wanted to use them. indeed, when I elected the manual way I could select my x3 partition, once checked a 
window that has more options to configure comes up. that window has combo boxes, and I found it extremely 
difficult to deal with those combo boxes. it doesn't seem to be the normal way of errow keys. I got stuck. 
anybody can offer help about this?

thanks alot.
Mohammed al-shar'
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