Re: Orca access to apps in wine?

Hi Peter and Mike.

Peter:  That's a shame.  But thank you for the detailed explanation!

Mike:  The thought of attempting to install a Windows screen reader
under Wine fills me with fear, dread, and loathing. <grin>  MS DCM is a
nightmare in Windows itself.  I cannot imagine dealing with it --
assuming it even exists -- in an emulator.  Besides, what I want to
accomplish is strictly using Linux/UNIX with Orca.  Braille translation
software is just a missing piece -- at least currently, and at least to
my knowledge.  Are there options out there I'm unaware of?

Thanks again, guys!

On Thu, 2006-09-21 at 10:49 -0700, Mike Pedersen wrote:
Hi Joanie,
Hi all.  There's one Windows application that I'd really like to be able
to use in Linux:  Duxbury.  I am not surprised that Orca sees it as an
"inaccessible".  My question, however, is this:  Is the reason it is an
"inaccessible" due to how Wine is implemented or how Duxbury is
This is almost certainly a Wine issue.  I bet Wine has no knowledge of 
the at-spi infrastructure.  Have you tried to install a Windows screen 
reader under Wine?  It probably won't work but who knows. 

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