Re: Orca patches from Ubuntu

Rich Burridge wrote:

See also bug #354689 for a similar issue:

Probably best to get Calum, our HCI gut involved here.
I've cc:'ed him on this email.

Cool. I've uploaded our patch there as well.

The second replaces OK and Cancel with what I think are the more useful Close and Apply (apply is esp. useful for low vision users who are trying to set up the magnifier just right.)

Interesting. I just did a similar change yesterday and checked it into Orca
CVS HEAD. See bug #354166:

I was following the GNOME HIG as specified for Apply buttons at:

Right. I wonder a bit about the advice from the HIG there. If you change something and then press Apply how do you then close the window without loosing you changes? The HIG suggests that Cancel should undo everything, even changes made before pressing Apply (so it's an Undo and Cancel button really -- is that the way the Cancel button now behaves?). I guess it's OK if you have an OK button in addition to an Apply button because then you can apply and press OK to close.

With the two buttons Apply and Close you can a) close without making changes or b) apply changes and the close. That seems quite intuitive. What you cannot do however is undo your changes (though these settings are not system critical ones I guess).

Thanks for doing this. I think the best way to handle this is to file
bugs in GNOME Bugzilla for the various problems and attach potential
patches there. We are then aware of what you are doing, and can hopefully
avoid duplicated effort.

Cool. We'll try to harmonise as best we can. We just made these changes yesterday here as well, and in fact they are not in our official releases yet either.


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