Re: Orca Spoken boot

Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
Another ideal, btw, would be to have such a speech system available as
early in the boot process as possible.

Hmmm... Are you thinking of a type of system service which can be 
started when services like ftp, apache, etc get started and launch a 
speech system? That would be kind of interesting and would be awesome.

A bit like this really:

We won't make it for Edgy though. Looking like Edgy+1.

Well, Speech Dispatcher is started by init (as well as other services
such as apache etc.).  This is, however, far from having a speech
enabled boot process, since these services are started at the very end
of booting.  This is the playground for Speakup, but you can't rely on
any user-space speech synthesis system.

Best regards, Tomas.

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