Orca The Speakup Modified Fedora Distribution Returns

The Speakup Modified Fedora Distribution is back. Once again we invite you to
use our images and installation guidance to install Fedora Core 6, also known
as "Zod," using your hardware speech synthesizer and the Speakup screen
reader.  Downloadable images and documentation are available at our new
Internet address:


You can also access the Speakup Modified Fedora files using ftp and rsync with
commands such as:

rsync -l speakupmodified.org::speakupmodified

The Speakup Modified Fedora provides:

*       installation media adapted expressly for
   those blind computer users who want to use the Speakup Linux screen reader
to install a Fedora-style Linux on their computers. This means that the blind
computer user will not require sighted assistance, and that the end result
will be an installation that talks every time it is booted.

*       Other assistive technology including brltty, emacspeak,, and orca.
*       It's all there--in the installation images.

*       Fast and robust Internet connections on our new hosted servers, so
*       that your downloads can proceed at maximum speed

In the very near future we will also provide:

*       A revised Installation HOWTO to guide you through the installation
*       process, including setup for Fedora's accessible graphical desktop.

*       A yum repository so you can update your Speakup Modified Fedora
*       distribution the easy way--overnight in your sleep, for instance.

*       Additional accessible applications such as Asterisk, LSR and elinks
*       with javascript support

* A Help Wiki and mini HOWTOs on various Linux topics that you can use both
to learn from and also to share your own expertise with others.

The newly released Fedora Core 6 is the most accessible Fedora yet. We're
pleased we can once again facilitate your installation of Fedora without sighted


The Speakup Modified Team

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