Re: Orca creating new account in edgy

  Thanks I got the sound working in that account, though orca doesn't
seem to be operating correctly, when I exit this account, and log into
the other one, all I hear is "echo by word y or n" over and over and
over. I can't kill festival or orca because it jsut won't work. then the
next time I log into this account, my settings are whiped, and orca says
"welcome to orca setup" what is going on here?

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 11:06 -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
If you want to use sound you'll have to go to the tab that says
"Privileges". Now here comes the tricky part, because you'll have to tab
to a table with the different privileges that you can assign to a user,
however, Orca can't currently recognize the status of the check boxes
that are next to the privilege you want to assign to a user, so it's
rather a guesswork if you have given the user that perticular privilege.
A bug has been filed on this matter, but unfortunately i can't currently
remember the number of it. 

Here it is!  :-)

I missed it, too, and accidentally opened a new bug. I caught myself,
but only after it was too late.


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